UK Mobile Booster:Mini GSM 900/1800 Mobile Booster Promotion
- Mini GSM 900/1800 Mobile Booster
- Coverage: Upto 250 m2
- Special Offer: £161.57
UK Mobile Booster:Mini GSM 900/2100 Mobile Booster Promotion
- Mini GSM 900/2100 Mobile Booster
- Coverage: Upto 250 m2
- Special Offer: £161.57

Mobile Signal Booster:EE, O2, Vodafone, Three All Networks

Supply mobile booster for European and Worldwide networks, 100% free technical support and money back guarantee. Your shipment be arranged by DHL, UPS or Fedex within 24 hours after order placed, will get the mobile booster 3-5 working days.

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  • What is a Mobile Phone Signal Booster?

  • A mobile phone signal booster kit is for anyone who has mobile phone signal problems. They are easy to install and once this simple installation process has been completed, you'll instantly notice a significant improvement in your phone's signal strength.

    The kit comprises of two parts: an antenna and an booster. The antenna is mounted outside, collecting GSM signal over an extensive range and is connected to a small, discrete booster inside the property, which amplifies this collected signal.

  • How Do Mobile Phone Signal Booster Work?

  • In simple terms, the mobile phone signal booster kit comes in two parts: an antenna that's used to collect a signal from a wide spectrum and a small booster that's used to enhance and amplify signal inside the property. Remember, you can always contact us if you would like more technical information!

  • What Are The Benefits of Mobile Phone Signal Booster?

  • Using mobile phone signal booster will improve your network coverage from no bars to the full five, in only a matter of seconds after switching on the device. All you need to do is follow our simple step by step installation instructions to set-up the mobile phone signal booster kit in your house and you can say goodbye to moving around your property to find reception, calls dropping out or having to venture into the garden to find a signal.

    We're so sure the kit will work for you that we offer a money back guarantee and one year warranty.

    Mobile phone signal booster come with many other benefits in particular, our customers report seeing a significant improvement in the life of their phone battery.

  • Will Any Device Work For My Mobile Phone?

  • No. Depending on your network and mobile phone model you will need to get a certain type of mobile phone signal booster. At the top of the page, you can select which network you are on and choose a booster that has been hand picked to work for that particular network.

    You could also opt for a Dual Band or Tri Band mobile phone signal booster. The Tri Band mobile phone signal booster will cover all networks. This might be essential if many people in the same household are on different mobile phone networks!